Bale's Shoreline – Ten Kilometres of Untouched nature

Bale's shoreline is a pristine part of Istria’s coast, without big hotels and other buildings. The shoreline is nine kilometres long, surrounded by exceptionally clean sea. Down by the sea you are not too far away to smell the scent of Mediterranean vegetation, which grows there in abundance. Located in the west of Istria Bale's shoreline boasts a magnificent view of the Brijuni islands, and its sunsets will, surely, forever grace your memory.

The shoreline area is rich in archaeological sites, and one can also find remains of old roads, parts of Roman villas and oil presses and there is also a magnificently preserved fortification complex from the Dual Monarchy period.
On this really pristine shoreline, only seven kilometres from Bale are the San Polo and Colone camps. They stretch along some ten kilometres of Bale's shoreline and have a sewage system and tap water. The camps also have mobile homes for rent.

The camps are being managed by Mon Perin ltd. This is a special Bale story,too. Mon Perin has been founded in 2005 by citizens of Bale, the county of Bale and its friends. At the beginning the company had 740 stakeholders and a share capital worth 12 million kunas. It is today worth around 30 million kunas, while the company counts more than 900 stakeholders. Since the people of Bale decided not to sell their land, Mon Perin got the land where the camps are to manage for 50 years.

The shoreline will retain its pristine condition in the future because it has been decided that the distance from the sea to the nearest accommodation facilities will be about 700 metres, which is a reflection of wishes and visions of those who manage the town of Bale and, by extension, of all those who live in the district. They all work towards a common goal – to develop Bale in harmony with the environment and they will not falter in that determination. Furthermore, that determination has been replicated into all the pertinent documents regarding Bale's future development.

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