Bale – Town Hotel

The pearl that is Bale already almost operates as a Hotel town. The vision of the county's development has been encompassed in a study purposely made so that Bale does not develop uncontrollably in the future. The aim of its inhabitants is for the entire town to function as a hotel in the future. There will be a reception at the town's entrance. Its fabulous white stone streets will be the hotel's halls. The legendary Casanova used to walk these magnificent streets. It has recently been discovered that he had visited Bale on two occasions, in 1743 and 1744 to see a young lady from the Soardo family. He surely felt the beauty and the charm of this ancient town.

Bale is getting ready to become a town hotel for real. The cooperation of accommodation owners, caterers and other tourism workers creates the prerequisites for it. The brand Bale encompasses all the participants in the touristic offer. The offer that satisfies the strict criteria will be a part of the trademark – and guarantees not only quality but the participation in the Bale tourism story which needs to be experienced, not only told.

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