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Bale Valle Armonica 2022 - 11 Festival Internazionale di Musica

Seasonal food & wine

Brasserie Adriatic La Serra, Anno Domini Laurel and Berry Primi Terreni Restaurant Blu Restaurant La Grisa Restaurant Mediterrano

Tradizione a tavola: jela iz pinjate 2022

Pinca fest 2022

Seasonal food & wine

Tradizione a tavola: jela iz pinjate

More information on menu and prices can be found HERE.

December in Bale

The night of Bale 2019.

8th International Guitar Festival

Čeripnja fest 2019 - new date

The night of Bale - Jole

54. Castrum Vallis

Bale Valle Armonica - International guitar festival

Bale Outdoor 2018

Aromatic days 2018.

Ceripnja fest

CAC - BALLE 2018

Outdoor festival 2017

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Aromatic days Bale | Valle

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Castrum Vallis, Jazz Festival, Bale’s Night...

There almost isn't a day during July and August in Bale without events – concerts by the Soardo-Bembo castle walls, events on campsite's terraces, restaurants, bars… Entertainment in Bale in summer is a sure thing.

There are several important cultural events Bale is famous for. The oldest is the group exhibition Castrum Vallis which...