Bale in 6 pictures

The story of Bale is being told by butterflies, the sea, dinosaurs…

The charm and beauty of Bale, its adorable alleys, the scent of the sea intermingled with that of the traditional Mediterranean flora, magical sunsets or just a positive vibe that reigns over this whole place, all these things are there to be experienced. By the same token, the story of Bale can be told, at least to an extent, through the story of butterflies that live on the flowery meadows. One important part of the Bale story is the cooperativeness of all citizens of Bale, which already enables the town to function as a hotel town. On the other hand, if you decide to venture outside the city walls after you have visited the parish church, explored the Soardo-Bembo palace, peaked into the Town Hall or seen the artefacts in the crypt, then you definitely have to follow the paths to stancije. These are homesteads surrounded by beautiful scenery. Another feature of Bale is its pristine shoreline, nine kilometres long. It would leave breathless many a seasoned traveller. Every year a higher number of tourists stay at the San Polo and Colone camps. This is no coincidence. Many tourists have taken indigenous products of this area to their homes – olive oil, cheese, wine and aromatic herbs. Not only tourists but people from Istria are lately coming to Bale to see the Sports Hall. No mystery there because the hall is one of the most beautiful sports halls in the world! 

Many people come to Bale to visit the ornithological and paleontological exhibits in the MMC “Ulika”. The place was abandoned for a long time, but it is now famous for its many exhibitions - especially the traditional exhibition, Castrum Vallis.

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