Tourist information

Have Fun in the Green Oasis Washed by Sea

Bale is a small town that takes pride in the beauty of its environment, fertility of its soil, crystal clear sea, beautiful lagoons and many points of interest. The town will warmly welcome each and every guest.
No door will be closed to you during your stay in Bale. Bale’s citizens will do everything to make you feel comfortable in the old town core, galleries, restaurants and rooms, houses and stancije that offer accommodation to tourists, as well as in the auto camps San Polo and Colone, where you can enjoy your holiday in a green oasis washed by sea.
Bale’s old town core where alleys paved with white stone dominate even today brings back memories to times and generations long gone that lived their lives there during a time when the pace of life was far less hectic than today.

Even though Bale is on the path of development, the town centre retains that echo from the past.

In warm summer nights when from the nearby square jazz echoes through Bale or on those nights when numerous tourists come to enjoy the feasts, the Bale people will bring their chairs to the streets and chat like in the good old days. The dialect still spoken here is istroroman or istriot. It is spoken only  by a thousand or two people in south Istria, so Bale offers you a unique opportunity to hear it.

Bale has everything necessary and more for your ideal holiday so you should see for yourself why many have chosen this place for their holiday and always come back to it. Bale, this undiscovered world awaits you.