Upcoming events

Castrum Vallis, Jazz Festival, Bale’s Night...

There almost isn't a day during July and August in Bale without events – concerts by the Soardo-Bembo castle walls, events on campsite's terraces, restaurants, bars… Entertainment in Bale in summer is a sure thing.

There are several important cultural events Bale is famous for. The oldest is the group exhibition Castrum Vallis which celebrated its 55th anniversary in 2019. There is a saying in Bale that Castrum Vallis is an eternal story of this magical place. The exhibition was initiated in 1964 by Vasilije Jordan, Dragica Cvek Jordan and Milan Cmelić. It was designed as a place where artists and amateurs can show their vision of the world. 81 different people have shown their art at these exhibitions up to now. Impressive, right?

The unique magic of ambience and jazz in Bale is brought by yet another traditional event usually held in August – the famous Last Minute – Open Jazz Festival. Thousands of visitors come to Bale precisely for this festival, enjoy in great music, mingling and getting to know different people… They enjoy in the almost surreal link created between musicians and audience – because together they form a spontaneous orchestra.

First Saturday in August is traditionally reserved for the folk fest Bale Night organized by the Tourism board. The town of Bale is then ruled by song, dance and homemade culinary specialties. It usually lasts until morning.

The Cactus Day is also a unique event held in summer in Bale. Although it kept its original name – Cactus Day – it has evolved in a several day event. It is a unique exhibition of this kind in Croatia.