Points of Interest in and around the Town

Bale- a small and picturesque town dating from the Roman period boasts a high number of points of interest which one should see. The main point of interest in the preserved old town core is the Sorado –Bembo palace with its recently renovated facade. It is arguably one of the most beautiful old structures in Bale. One should by no means underestimate the beauty of the Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Homage to Saint Elisabeth. The lapidary in the crypt of the parish church and Town Hall are also well worthy of your attention. The sports hall, even though a modern structure, should also be explored. The District of Bale also boasts a large number of points of interest located outside the town. The archaeological San Polo – Colone Paravia area is one of them. It offers sites of Roman villas, medieval and gothic churches and Roman oil presses and Kazamate. The view from the Austrian-Hungary forts will leave no man untouched. Do take a stroll around Bale and be received warmly by its unique beauty.

Castle Soardo Bembo

Lapidary – Crypt

Old Town Core

Town Hall

San-Polo – Colone – Paravia Site

Forts – Kazamate


Paleontological exhibition DINOSAURUS HISTRIAE

Ornithological collection

Park Histria Aromatica